Imagine a wardrobe in which you will always find something to wear, a wardrobe full of clothing that suits your requirements perfectly and will help you look your best.

The experiential styling process that I provide to clients is designed for private and business clients alike, as well as public figures, media personalities, performers and lecturers of all types and stripes. Styling helps build strategic image, strengthen self-image, inner harmony and a sense of happiness, all of which contribute to personal satisfaction in every aspect of our lives.

My experience as a fashion designer helps me customize each garment to the client’s needs. I check the fabric's basic properties in terms of breathability, weight, drape, softness and construction. With the couture knowledge I have accumulated, I have the expertise to tailor clothing for the perfect fit.

As a conflict-resolution mediator, I use the tools of my trade to smooth out any wrinkles. Our first conflict starts with ourselves, with our body, and how we look in what we wear. I understand my clients' point of view and help them bring out the “me” they want to see.

My art and photography studies sharpened by eye for distinctive compositions that combine the body and space. From that starting point, I take the precise information that clients give me regarding the type of attention they want to attract.

The styling process also includes an examination of each client’s body type and color scheme, and I use optical illusions to bring out the best in everyone.
Abaut me
Hi, my name is Rinat, and I am a personal and business stylist with a track record of three decades in the fashion world.

From a young age I was fascinated by the concepts of presence and surroundings, and how each person chose to present himself to the world. I examine the look, the appearance, the impression and each situation that requires different clothing combinations. I turned my observations into a profession and worked as a fashion designer for brands such as Ramilee and Onot, and as a consultant in the design processes for local and international fashion chains.

When I discovered the insight that “fashion changes but style endures” (Coco Chanel), I decided to focus on styling, and ever since then I have been helping people connect to the style that suits them, is comfortable and reflects their personality. For businessmen, for example, I fit clothing ensembles to match the business messages they want to convey, to successfully promote themselves and their business interests.
“A perfect look creates a perfect reality”

I also run styling workshops, give lectures and offer fashion design and sewing classes for both men and women who are interested in developing their fashion designing skills as a hobby and adding their own personal flair to their clothes, to realize their design dreams.
Where did I get my knowledge?
  • My experience in the companies in which I worked
  • Professional experience from the people I have dressed
  • University of Haifa – Art History
  • Wizo College, Haifa – Fashion Design
  • Goma – Mediation
  • Style Guru – Personal and business styling